A Message from Dr. Naser Ahmed Al-Shammari

Knowledge is a word that means a lot. It is at the heart of all strong and successful societies and everyone should strive to gain it. Knowledge can be acquired through many means, and a community must find it on every horizon to truly benefit from it personally and in society. Aafaq Publishing and Distribution is as an attempt to put knowledge on multiple horizons to bring about a renaissance in society. The first of these horizons is publishing works that spread much-needed knowledge to the local community. The second horizon is to establish bookstores where all types kinds of knowledge are presented to readers, from students to subject specialists. The third horizon of Aafaq is distributing the most important and timely publications for the public at large, and ensuring important international works are available locally. The fourth horizon is focused on children, who urgently need access to material that will help them learn now, and spread knowledge far into the future. These four horizons aim to put knowledge on all sides of society. Aafaq Publishing and Distribution strives to be a key piece in bringing about the renaissance of society through knowledge and innovation, and we at Aafaq believe it is our responsibility to lead the way. We are confident that with God’s help, and the commitment of our team, we can achieve our desired goal.