Objectives & Strategies 



Publishing works that benefit the educational and cultural community.

Opening bookstores to reach the general population.

Supplying books and educational materials to local partners and distributors.

Participating in local and foreign book fairs.

Stocking children’s books in multiple languages, and for all ages.

Providing engaging and high-quality educational materials for all curriculums and grades.


Publishing targeted, culturally appropriate works

Understanding each market’s unique qualities.

Preparing clear contracts with supplier’s and clients to preserve the rights of all parties.

Planning for each book fair individually based on the needs of the consumer.

Following the international and regional trends and developments to stay relevant in a quickly evolving world.

Deepening existing partnerships and developing new ones with global and Arab educational publishers and suppliers.







 Our Mission & Vision


Our Mission

Making knowledge an essential necessity for society.

Our Vision

To supply and share the best books and educational products in the world to all members of society, through established and new channels.